Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Color Change Wraps

Vehicle wrap color changes are a great alternative to painting a vehicle for several reasons. For one it takes less time, a lot less. For instance, a client drops their vehicle off on a Tuesday and has it back by Thursday. In most cases that is just two days of waiting instead of weeks in a paint booth.
Another benefit to vehicle wraps is the wrap film will serve as protection to the original paint so that the wrap can be removed leaving no damage to the original body. This feature is specially handy if someone needs to sell the vehicle back to a dealership as the vehicle will hold more value with flawless paint. 
Finally a fun benefit of a color change wrap is the options and unique style a client can show off on their vehicle. Here at Fast-Trac Designs we use 3M 1080 wrap film and 3M frequently creates new vinyl colors and textures that keep color change vehicle wraps exciting. 
Vehicle customization with color transformation wraps will continue to gain popularity throughout the world creating a unique vehicle for everyone.
For more information on 3M 1080 vinyl and colors contact Fast-Trac Designs. We will be happy to transform your vehicle next!