Friday, November 3, 2017

What Color Is It?

  Our company vehicles are
on the road a lot and of course they are wrapped with custom designed graphics not only to be a 24/7 advertising machine but to also show what abilities the Fast-Trac team has when it comes to design and installation. Many people have seen and commented on the Fast-Trac Hummer however this blog is about the Fast-Trac truck. The truck took some time to have the wrap applied since there were so many ideas of what to do then as we approached a year of a nearly blank vehicle it was decided that we would go with a full color change. 
  The owner chose the 3M 1080 series film in the Gloss Flip Deep Space. This material known as "color flip" changes color depending upon what angle you are at and what light is around. Then we printed the company name and phone number in reflective which appears to be illuminated when light hits it. 
  So you may be wondering what color is it? We will leave that up to you to decide, go ahead and check out the photos below then feel free to leave a comment.