Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Do You Have Proper Artwork?

If you are looking into having vehicle wraps, large format graphics or T-shirts done you will be asked this question. Do you have proper artwork? Maybe you are uncertain but the Fast-Trac Designs team is here to help you understand proper art formats, unusable art formats and what options you have to acquire the necessary art in order to complete your project.

First we would like to tell you about raster art and vector art. Raster art is what most internet images and photographs are formatted in. Made with pixels, (small squares that make up the image.) raster art cannot be manipulated without distorting the picture. Therefore, if we enlarge a raster image it will become pixilated (blurry.) Some raster files can be used depending on resolution of the photo however the image may still become pixilated. Raster file types are commonly .jpg .png .tiff & .gif

Now for vector art. This is what we need in order to properly produce vehicle wraps, screen printed apparel and other large format prints. When art is created in vector format it is made with lines and points that allow the ability to enlarge the art and it will never lose resolution. This art format is created in design programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Vector file types include .ai, .pdf & .eps

I know, now you are asking "Can my raster art be converted into vector art?" The answer is YES! We do have a very knowledgeable design department that can recreate your art to be the proper usable vector format.

Whew! That is a lot of information, but don't worry because the team at Fast-Trac Designs is here to guide you and your artwork is just the beginning. We work with our clients throughout the entire design process on every project. We hope that this helped you understand if you have proper artwork.