Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hellcat's Custom 3M Decals

A customer of Fast-Trac Designs was able to purchase what many would call a "dream car" and he had a vision of what would make it even more appealing. He brought the Hellcat Challenger to our shop and we provided a rally stripe layout with additional custom text decals strategically placed to hi-light the vehicles attributes. The color the client had in mind for these decals was a vibrant red and with the help of 3M 1080 series film the customer chose Hot Red Red which turned out to be very fitting for this project. When the Hellcat was complete and our customer saw the finished "dream car" his reaction was priceless, unfortunately we did not get it on video but when a customer hoots and hollers and is smiling from ear to ear you know they are very pleased with the finished project.