Monday, November 30, 2015

Matching Custom Wrap Graphics

During the short work week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we had the pleasure of wrapping a truck and a Can-am for Speedway Collision. We were in a time crunch, however the team at Fast-Trac knew exactly what to do and the customer was thrilled to have everything in time for the long weekend. Check out the final products below. If you are in need of a wrap come on in to Fast-Trac Designs!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Business and Pleasure

Wrap graphics can be for business or pleasure or both. D Pet Hotels in Scottsdale brought a Scion to Fast-Trac Designs for custom graphics to represent the company as well as fit the vehicle owners passion for racing. Fast-Trac Designs used 3M wrap material to create graphics to give a race car look that also included a number on the doors and roof. The owner of the Scion will frequently take the vehicle to Firebird Raceway to sponsor the business and feed the urge to race. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fast-Trac Wrap Videos

We recently started creating videos of wraps that we complete to give a fun and up close view on the finished product. To view these videos you may visit us on social media or on our YouTube.
Here is one below, check it out!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wrapped & Re-Wrapped

Once a vehicle is wrapped it is guaranteed to last 3 to 5 years depending upon how the vehicle is stored and the weather climate that it is in. However eventually there may come a time that the vehicle will need to be Re-Wrapped. The experts at Fast-Trac Designs have removed and re-wrapped several vehicles with our most recent being for Starkweather Roofing. The reasons you may want to consider having your wrap redone are:
There is cracking in the graphic commonly on the hood or roof,  The color has faded most likely to happen to vehicles that are in the sun for a significant amount of time, The design is outdated, it is important to keep your graphics and information up to date. Or if the wrap has been on for over 5 years you may have all of these issues and should consider re-wrapping your vehicle. 

On the Chevy Silverado for Starkweather Roofing the color had faded and since Fast-Trac had installed the original wrap it was just a matter of printing and applying the graphics. Using our on file measurements from the previous installation the application process went smooth for our certified wrap installers. Now Starkweather roofing can maintain their professional appearance and continue to advertise with the newly re-wrapped vehicle. 
Old, faded wrap

Old, faded wrap