Monday, April 28, 2014

Live The Matte Life

Vehicle wraps have been widely known for mobile advertising and are now becoming more popular among the general public as an alternative to a custom paint job. Vehicle wraps are completed in one day as opposed to painting which can take several weeks. Recently at Fast-Trac Designs we completed what is known as a color transformation on a Mercedes. The original color was black however our customer had a vision of a pure white, clean look. We went with matte white 3M 1080-M10 and inside accents that were once a wood look were covered in white carbon fiber vinyl or 1080-CF10. The finished product was extremely bright! We also had a little contest on Twitter and Facebook (#colorchangecontest) that featured a cropped photo of the wrap, we asked people to guess what color the vehicle was changing to and we had one winner Larae Perez with Dynamite Diesel, Larae scored 10% off her next purchase from Fast-Trac Designs. Congrats!
 Check out the photos below! be sure to visit us on the web at and get with us on social media for your chance to win discounts!


Carbon Fiber Inside

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Options For Advertising On The Go.

No matter what size your business is advertising is extremely important to bring in new clients. At Fast-Trac Designs we create custom graphics and frequently they are applied to vehicles so that businesses can advertise while they drive through the valley. We have several cost effective options for vehicle advertising to fit all types of budgets. Here are a few examples: 

Vehicle Magnets are great for just starting out a business. They can be removed and applied as needed because they adhere to your vehicle. However, they are high maintenance as magnets need to be cleaned often, as well as the surface that they will be applied to.    
Vinyl Lettering is a more permanent solution that is great for any company on the rise. The vinyl decals last up to at least *3 years and will gather more attention for clientele. Vinyl lettering can be removed if necessary but may leave a light silhouette of the previous text. 
Last but not least, vehicle wraps. Wrapping a vehicle is becoming more popular these days because of how effective it is. Adding a wrap to your vehicle or fleet of vehicles will highly increase your customer intake and put you above your competitors. Vehicle wraps can be applied to any vehicle and removed leaving no damage to the original paint. vehicle wraps can last up to at least 5 years* and will pay for themselves in about 1 to 3 months.

If you are in need custom vehicle advertising please contact Fast-Trac Designs and let us bring your business to life and gain the clientele you need! 

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