Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Show It Off

An extremely popular hobby here in the desert is any type of 4-wheeling and now with the art of wrapping vehicles (or anything really) has expanded we have applied graphics to several of these Polaris RZR all terrain vehicles, why not show off your style while your out rompin' in the desert? This specific design was a bright custom camouflage, more geared towards standing out, not blending in. The wrap was designed, printed and installed here at Fast-Trac Designs with 3M Control Tac vinyl wrap material.


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Friday, May 16, 2014

For Business or Pleasure

Real flame graphics are known to be very popular however sometimes difficult to design so that they look real. Fast-Trac Designs has this mastered, our flame graphics are at the top of the line and frequently requested. This week we wrapped a set of Harley saddle bags in custom real flame graphics for a customer that is a retired firefighter. The installation was a tedious process however the finished product was worth the time, you gotta admit, they look pretty sweet. 

Another project of the week was a van wrap for Floor Source. This was vehicle number 4 that we have customized for Floor Source and wont be the last. The main feature of this straight-to-the-point design is their large logo that can't be missed, they are certain to attract a lot more customers. 

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Monday, May 12, 2014


Being a Realtor is tough business, requires a lot of advertising and getting your name out to the public.  A few weeks ago we had Realtor Kelli Mealy come to Fast-Trac Designs for a vehicle wrap to help gain her clients and give her the top professional look she was looking for. This vehicle wrap features the American flag, a beautiful Arizona home and Kelli's contact information, all in all creating an eye catching design.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gaining Spectators With Camo

If you can see it, camouflage is very interesting to look at. This truck features a wrap that consists of piles of antlers and fades to black or white. Custom camouflage is popular with those that have wilderness hobbies and even if you don't, anyone can enjoy these vehicle wraps because how often do you see a camo colored car? It's just unique and fun and around here those are 2 of our favorite features.
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