Thursday, July 28, 2016

Have you seen this truck?!

This 1965 Chevy modified fiberglass race truck has caught attention nationwide. The new build was brought to us at Fast-Trac Designs to receive a custom designed vehicle wrap that would portray speed and show off the Redneck Racing logo.  The graphic artist for this project had quite the vision and even hand drew the grill and headlights which were wrapped to appear reflective and take on a realistic look of headlights. Along the sides and on the front of the truck are flames with very attentive details such as the logo and lightning which are also shadowed throughout the remaining length of the vehicle.

The full coverage wrap went through design, print and installation processes here at Fast-Trac Designs. We only use top of the line material available by 3M for all of our wraps, this project was printed on 3M IJ180-CV3 Contoltac with 8518 laminate. We used the HP Latex 360 printer which is rated to be among the best printers in the industry.

The estimated time to finish the wrap installation was 16 hours, however this vehicle is not complete. It is a new build and is still being modified before its first race in Arizona. The goal is to obtain about 3,000 horsepower and be the fastest race truck in the world. This will take a special licensed driver once completed and if you have the chance to see a race pay close attention because you will not want to miss this truck.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Making Dentistry A Little More Comfortable

The dentist can be scary for anyone however children going for the first time will take a lot more comforting through such a process. Recently at Fast-Trac Designs we had the chance to help a pediatric dental office find another way to show that they are a caring and child friendly facility. We incorporated the safari animal theme of West Valley Pediatric Dentistry onto two company vehicles. 
Our design team adjusted the art to fit the body styles of each vehicle so that the animals featured in the art would stand out along with the offices contact information. The vehicle wraps extend the theme of the office featuring fun and happy animals with a toothbrush and floss and when in the office children can watch their favorite movies comfortably while the doctor cares for their teeth. We highly recommend  West Valley Pediatric Dentistry and urge you to visit their website and view the photos below of their vehicle fleet. 

Visit  West Valley Pediatric Dentistry here!
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Monday, March 28, 2016

Uncharted Tiny Homes

     One of our loyal customers has begun a business in the industry of building homes...tiny homes. These are about 200 square feet to 350 square feet and they are portable. These tiny homes are built on trailers and still include amenities we are used to such a restroom and a place for a queen size bed. They also have decent kitchens with capabilities of having a dishwasher, and a range. 
Our client created Uncharted Tiny Homes as a way for the yearly outdoors man to comfortably and cost effectively go on long camping trips or live off the grid for a while. However, these tiny homes are becoming so popular there are hundreds of people willing to live in a tiny home as opposed to a standard size house or apartment.

      Here at Fast-Trac Designs we helped Uncharted Tiny Homes create a brand. Beginning with logo design, our artist kept in mind the name "uncharted" and going with a compass design truly portrays that the owner of a tiny home can go anywhere. This logo was then added to business cards which feature a worn wood background that will also match his store front graphics as well as apparel. The branding of a business is highly important in order to create a recognition with the general public, gain interest in the product and gain customers. Uncharted Tiny Homes has launched off as a success and the team at Fast-Trac Designs is excited to be a part of these tiny homes with big possibilities. 

For more information on logo design, graphics and apparel visit Fast-Trac Designs HERE.
For more information on Uncharted Tiny Homes visit HERE.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Epic Game Bus

Are you in need of a party idea? Check out Epic Game Bus, just wrapped by Fast-Trac and ready for the road. You can gather up your buddies and cruise the town while playing you favorite video games. There are 5 big screen TVs inside the bus and when parked more friends can play outside on 2 more TVs! This bus is one of a kind and tons of fun for any party. The vehicle wrap done by Fast-Trac Designs includes all 3M wrap material including a translucent film that allows the window to glow color changing lights at night. Check out the Epic Game bus below! See their website for more info and for all vehicle wraps contact Fast-Trac Designs.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hellcat's Custom 3M Decals

A customer of Fast-Trac Designs was able to purchase what many would call a "dream car" and he had a vision of what would make it even more appealing. He brought the Hellcat Challenger to our shop and we provided a rally stripe layout with additional custom text decals strategically placed to hi-light the vehicles attributes. The color the client had in mind for these decals was a vibrant red and with the help of 3M 1080 series film the customer chose Hot Red Red which turned out to be very fitting for this project. When the Hellcat was complete and our customer saw the finished "dream car" his reaction was priceless, unfortunately we did not get it on video but when a customer hoots and hollers and is smiling from ear to ear you know they are very pleased with the finished project.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Now THIS Is A Jeep

This jeep came to us with just primer. It looked plain and desperately needed a color wrap. Luckily Fast-Trac Designs was able to help and we put our 3M certified installation skills to work. The client chose Blue Raspberry 3M 1080 series film. It was awesome to see this jeep transform, all of the other attributes of the vehicle began to flow and stand out. This color was perfect and THIS is a very unique Jeep.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Do Vehicle Wraps Work? Here's The Proof.

Everyone here at Fast-Trac Designs has explained several times to many clients that vehicle wraps truly have a high impact. The amount of exposure a business can gain from a vehicle wrap is among the highest of all advertising options that is also the most affordable. We have a goal in mind to help a customers business succeed with a vehicle wrap but we also understand each clients budget is different. We make it a priority to create a wrap package that will fit the budget available such as suggesting a partial wrap instead of a full wrap. 
The Fast-Trac team would like to share a loyal customers story at the link below and the success they have had with their partial wrap. We encourage all business owners to highly consider wrap advertising and Fast-Trac Designs will be happy to provide our services and help your business grow. 

Click HERE to view our clients story!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Matching Custom Wrap Graphics

During the short work week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we had the pleasure of wrapping a truck and a Can-am for Speedway Collision. We were in a time crunch, however the team at Fast-Trac knew exactly what to do and the customer was thrilled to have everything in time for the long weekend. Check out the final products below. If you are in need of a wrap come on in to Fast-Trac Designs!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Business and Pleasure

Wrap graphics can be for business or pleasure or both. D Pet Hotels in Scottsdale brought a Scion to Fast-Trac Designs for custom graphics to represent the company as well as fit the vehicle owners passion for racing. Fast-Trac Designs used 3M wrap material to create graphics to give a race car look that also included a number on the doors and roof. The owner of the Scion will frequently take the vehicle to Firebird Raceway to sponsor the business and feed the urge to race. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fast-Trac Wrap Videos

We recently started creating videos of wraps that we complete to give a fun and up close view on the finished product. To view these videos you may visit us on social media or on our YouTube.
Here is one below, check it out!


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wrapped & Re-Wrapped

Once a vehicle is wrapped it is guaranteed to last 3 to 5 years depending upon how the vehicle is stored and the weather climate that it is in. However eventually there may come a time that the vehicle will need to be Re-Wrapped. The experts at Fast-Trac Designs have removed and re-wrapped several vehicles with our most recent being for Starkweather Roofing. The reasons you may want to consider having your wrap redone are:
There is cracking in the graphic commonly on the hood or roof,  The color has faded most likely to happen to vehicles that are in the sun for a significant amount of time, The design is outdated, it is important to keep your graphics and information up to date. Or if the wrap has been on for over 5 years you may have all of these issues and should consider re-wrapping your vehicle. 

On the Chevy Silverado for Starkweather Roofing the color had faded and since Fast-Trac had installed the original wrap it was just a matter of printing and applying the graphics. Using our on file measurements from the previous installation the application process went smooth for our certified wrap installers. Now Starkweather roofing can maintain their professional appearance and continue to advertise with the newly re-wrapped vehicle. 
Old, faded wrap

Old, faded wrap

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Smart Color Change

    Color change wraps are always a blast to have in the shop. Our certified installers use precision and expertise to make the color change appear to be a paint job. Fast-Trac Designs uses top of the line material from 3M, the 1080 series film comes in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes. Our most recent color change was on a black Smart car and the client was looking for a way to make her car stand out. Originally black, the Smart car did not fit the style of the client and she choose to wrap her vehicle with 3M Gloss Fierce Fuschia and Gloss Blue Raspberry. The finished product was phonominal, the colors complimented each other and was exactly what the client wanted. We are pretty sure it is clear that color change wraps are the smart way to go.